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Industrial Valves

FAMAT has 20 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing of industrial valves for the Power Generation Industry. We supply single-valves, valve packages and special valves for steam, gas, fuel oil and cooling water systems. Covering the full range from low and medium up to high pressure, FAMAT has equipped and improved more than 150 Power Plants with its valves.

Our main customers are large EPC Contractors or Power Plant Operators in the following fields: Renewables, Coal and Oil power, Gas power, Nuclear Power

Typical applications of our leading products are : Cold Reheat Checkvalves / Steam extraction Checkvalves; Butterfly Valves for Closed Cooling Water Systems; Steam Drain Valves; LP Admission Valves; Compressor Blow-Out Valves; Turbine By-Pass Systems; Control Valves

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