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Fast Track

FAMAT offers the best lead time on the market today !

When time really matters, FAMAT will assist you the best possible way to find a custom-made solution within a very short time for your urgent valve needs.

Along with our own workshop in Switzerland we have a large network of flexible partners’ factories with the availability to produce valves in a fraction of a standard project lead time.

High Quality Service and expediting along with fair prices helped FAMAT to become one of the Key Players in the fast track procurement during the last years.

We offer:

  • Supply of Valves from our stocks worldwide (DIN/ASME) – Power Generation specific stocks available
  • Supply of custom made valves within 1- 4 weeks (DIN /ASME / GHOST-R)
  • Supply of spare parts for any brand of existing valves
  • Replacement or Retrofit of existing valves

For Power Generation Industry we have more then 86,000 valves and 275,000 carbon and stainless pipe fittings in STOCK!

We stock valves of the following manufacturers :

  • VOGT
  • OMB
  • KITZ
  • and many others

For any urgent enquiry please write directly to : or call +41 21 695 26 21