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130OEL High Containment

This new compact OEL High-Containment sampling device (FIG. 1 ) allows the removal of a product sampled under contained conditions.

The OEL (Occupational Exposure Limit) describes the maximum concentration of a drug substance which can be tolerated in the air of the production room without any negative effect to the health of the operators.

Available in automatic or manual operation.

  • (OEL) level range : 1-10μg / m3 (without aspiration)
  • (OEL) level range : below 1μg / m3 (with aspiration)

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Nominal Size

Max Temperature

Min Temperature

Pressure Class

Design Pressure

Int. Roughness

Ext. Roughness

Appl. Standard

Body Material

Seals Material

Sample Unit

High Containment Valve

Split butterfly valve, consisting of 2 separable half-valves, with locking system: 1 active module isolating the outlet of sampling valve, 1 passive module, removable in closed position, isolating the sampling bottle, Max pressure: Active valve: closed 6 bar, opened 0.2 bar, Max Pressure Passive valve: closed 0.2 bar, opened 0.2 bar

H.C, Valve Materials

Wetted parts 1.4404/316L (or Hastelloy), Gaskets: EPDM white (Kalrez)

Standard Weight