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Sampling valves 6 digits Purchase order

FAMAT S.A, the world leader in sampling valves for powder and liquid with slurries is pleased to announce that it has recently been awarded a 6 digits Purchase order from a publicly traded American multinational chemical company for its quality products and services.

Enormous  trust has been put on FAMAT to deliver a significant quantity of sampling valves in sizes (1″ and 2″) and in various types (“Crust Breaking”, “Automatic”, “Horizontal”, “Security” and “High-Containment”) for its production facility in The Netherlands.

It’s a great reward for our company and a great achievement for the FAMAT sampling solutions! Thanks to our technical and commercial team’s hard work and performances.

During the testing phase, our customer has acknowledged and was greatly impressed by our product performances and reliability.

This project is a good springboard for the future and will act as an excellent reference for similar applications.

Obviously a tremendous sense of accomplishment for FAMAT to be able to provide technical solution to such a BIG PLAYER in the Chemical Industry!

A real evidence and recognition of FAMAT strong competences in sampling technology.

Once more, Mr. Jean de la Fontaine was absolutely right when he said that “There’s none so small but you his aid may need”.

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